Netflix’s Altered Carbon Season 2: All The Season 1 Story And Characters To Remember

It’s been quite a while since season one of Altered Carbon first streamed on Netflix, so you’d be forgiven for forgetting some or all of what happened–after all, the story included a twisting murder mystery, a whole bunch of sci-fi terms, and a ton of characters switching bodies. At the center of it all is Takeshi Kovacs, a character with a long history, a bunch of cool abilities, and some keen detective skills.

There’s also a whole bunch of dense sci-fi material you need to be intimately familiar with to really appreciate Altered Carbon’s future world, from artificially intelligent hotels to technology that makes some people effectively immortal. Altered Carbon is full of confusing terminology, which can make it tough to follow the story if you’re not up on your concepts.

Lucky for you, we’ve run down everything you need to remember about Altered Carbon Season 1, from the concept of stacks and sleeves to the vast murder mystery and the lengthy political history of the world–all of which is important to enjoying the newest chapter. Here’s everything you need to know about Altered Carbon to get ready for Season 2.

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